At What Age Should Kids Start Using Tablets?

boy with tablet computerAh, the age question – it has been around as long as parents have. How old does a child have to be to use a certain product? What are the risks of younger children having access to technology? There are a number of questions parents ponder when it comes to their children and safety. And with new technologies cropping up all the time, judgment becomes harder and harder. So what age is proper for a child to own a tablet? Well, let’s think about it.

Content and Maturity

Even the best tablets for kids can have instances where inappropriate content slips through. This is a huge concern with parents, as children tend to be very impressionable, especially at younger ages. However, you should take into consideration that there are just as many chances of inappropriate content reaching your child at school, on the playground, at a friend’s house – anywhere, really. But it does make a parent wearier to have the chance of it happening in their own home. Measures can be taken against bad content, but eventually, something will slip through the cracks of even the best parental safety net. None of it will be terrible, but you do have to consider how comfortable you are with your child accidentally stumbling upon something bad. You know your child – would they tell you if they saw something? This is a big factor, but it cannot be written in stone – it depends wholly upon your personal situation, and your child’s maturity and personality.


The biggest concern parents have with buying a child a tablet device is that their schoolwork will start to slide. They fear their children will develop bad habits, such as laziness and compulsive lying, to play with their tablet more often. And if you’ve spent all your time finding the best tablets for children, went through the pain staking process of narrowing down the choices, the last thing you want to do is be the bad guy and take it away. So should younger children have a device that can be so distracting? In increments, yes. Younger children can and should be allowed to have access to tablets because they have so many educational possibilities available when using them. There are tons of games that will help develop your children’s fine motor skills, thinking patterns and reaction timing. It just all depends upon how long you allow your child to use their device. Limits work best when consistent, so choose a time limit and stick to it on school days.

Should Your Child Use a Tablet?

The proper age for a tablet is difficult to pin down. While your child needs to be old enough to learn how to use the device, putting a number on the age is next to impossible. It will all depend on your family, and your child. If you think they can handle limits, then find the best tablets for kids and choose the one you think will fit them best. If not, it is best to wait until they are a few years older, and more mature.